The Art Space

Shipping Methods

The Art Space is open to using your preferred mode of shipping at your cost. 
The United States Post Office is located just across the street. 


The Art Space is a new business looking to refine its relationship with the public. 
With that in mind, please do your best to respect the outlines we have. As time passes we expect these policies will change to suit the situations and audience.

Please submit reservation by email, online, or in person to The Art Space or the instructor (Ideally one week) before the course begins. 
Exceptions in the timeline are subject to instructor's approval.  
Food & Drink: 
The Art Space does not sell food or drink. Any food or drink that appears on the property is shared lovingly by participants or clients. 
Age & Ability: 
Students attending each course should read through description carefully. 
For example, Adult content in Class Figure Drawing required students be eighteen years old or older, and many adjunct classes require fine manual dexterity for full value.
Exceptions are subject to the instructor's approval. 
If you need to cancel your attendance, please do so at your earliest convenience to free seats in time for other students to attend. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of the class start, you will loose the 'supplies' portion of your pre-paid fee. Notification to The Art Space or instructor suffices.  

Cancellation by an instructor will ensure your full refund.
Re-Scheduling by an instructor, should you not be able to attend, a full refund or studio credit would be due to you. 
Should a course not meet your expectations adequately as included in the description, please speak with the instructor first. 


The Art Space
17 W. Placer Ave.
Helena, MT  59601
(406) 404 - 6359

If in any way, you feel you need to speak with the owner regarding your experience, please know she is here to listen and help resolve.