The Art Space

Your Very Own Event at The Art Space

The Art Space is ready to host.

Upcoming Events 

  • Outdoor Painting Session
    Plein-Air painting/drawing excursions. $45
    Thursday, Sept 20 5-8p

  • First Friday Open House
    Oct 5th, 4:30-6p

  • Short Session Painting Class
    by Leah Cupino (only $35!)
    Oct 5th, 6-7:30p

  • Modern Embroidery - Pop-Up
    Workshops by Meg Crane
    $35 Tuesday, 6-8p
    Sept 18, Oct 9 + 23

  • Crafting with Essential Oils
    Pop-Up Workshops
    by Meg & Molly
    $20 avg., variety of projects on:
    Oct 20, 9:30 - 12:30p
    Nov 13, 5:30 - 8:30p
    Dec 13, 5:30 - 8:30p

  • Cocktails & Clay
    with Chris Riccardo

    Date T.B.A.



You have brilliant ideas. You are a great teacher and facilitator. People want to learn from you. We have materials and inspired space for cultivation. The Art Space is your perfect location.

Table & chairs workspaces for up to 12
and possible negotiation for use of host studio's more specialized equipment and supplies. 
*wifi access coming soon


Meetings & Pop-up Shops

Your crowd is waiting for your next event to get their hands on your product. Your team is motivated and ready to collaborate for the most brilliant plan.
You need an inspired space for a bit of time downtown to lay it all out and make it happen. 

Possible max of 14 seated individuals, variable table space use. 
*wifi access coming soon


Private Celebrations

The 'Big Day' is coming soon!
Choose from a few unique experiences - and tailor it just for your crowd. Bring your favorite people of any age -- we will adore them too.

Choose your own custom-themed painting session or elaborate cupcake-decorating session for your favorite group of celebration friends and family! 

Typical Events have from 4 - 10 participants, 2.5 hrs. and a fun custom-themed creative session with a seasoned professional artist. 
Bring your own food and drink, we'll provide the fun. Great for ages 10-99+, Bridal parties, showers & office parties too.

Combine this package with products from 'For The Joy Of Cake'  and/or the agile music stylings of and receive 10% off your total price.  

Contact Leah for details